Set a Store as your Main Store [4.88.0]
Up until this point, you have only been able to set a (Legacy) Web Store as your Main Store. With this update, we're allowing you to use one of your Stores instead!
New Order Status Page For Customers [4.88.0]
When your shopper receives their order confirmation email, it will contain a new link. This link will direct them to an order status page to display their order details. We have updated our UI to showcase a brand new order status page for our new stores platform. This page will be visible regardless if the store is active, inactive or deleted.
Performance Improvements in Purchasing [4.84.0]
We are updating our Purchasing section to improve performance for those with high volume. This enhancement significantly decreases load times, as well as improves the look and feel, by simplifying the interface.
Proposal Approval Workflow [4.80.0]
We found that customers approving Proposals were sometimes not completing the second step of entering their name to validate their proposal during the approval process. We've updated the UI to highlight the name entry as a required field prior to submitting for approval.
Shopworks Integration [4.79.0]
We have added a new section to our platform, InkSoft Integration API, a free and simple solution for connecting your InkSoft account to third-party tools. Our first integration available will allow you to connect with your OnSite account with Shopworks.
This new integration is free to all Core users. Please note that this is separate from our advanced API key, in that it is streamlined to work only for these types of integrations. This will not impact InkSoft’s standard API functionality.
Read more about the Shopworks integration here! If you’re interested in upgrading your account to utilize Core, please reach out to our Support team!
Change NoReply Email Address [4.78.0]
In our new update, we are giving you the ability to change your ‘noreply’ email address. This can be updated by going to Settings > Contact & Admin Accounts. The noreply email address is used for all transactional emails that are sent to your customers (ie. Order Receipts, Proposals, Payment Requests, etc…). Note that if a customer does reply to one of these emails, we will send that to your Sales Email listed within the Contact & Admin Accounts section.
Drag and Drop Size Order for Legacy Items [4.77.0]
Previously, you could only nudge a product size up or down by one when editing a product, in this update, we're adding a drag and drop functionality to make that easier!
Add A Warning When No Shipping Or Pickup is Assigned to a Proposal [4.77.0]
We have added in a new warning label under Shipping Details when a Proposal does not have a delivery method associated. A delivery method is not required to send a Proposal to an Order. However, this warning will bring more visibility to you as an admin and ideally help to avoid any issues downstream in Production with Orders that don’t have a Delivery Method defined.
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Signage Designer for Unlimited Plan [4.68.0]
With our new Signage products functionality, you can add sign & banner products and have your customers add their own decoration in a new version of our Designer!
If you are interested in adding Signage to your license, please give us a call at 800-410-3048 x1x1
HTML Scripts in Content Block Component [4.74.0]
In this week’s update, we are expanding the HTML view functionality in our Content Block component. This update allows Iframes and HTML Scripts, such as Mailchimp’s pop-up campaigns! 52cab043bd6b10c699e766d1090232c4
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